Saskia Sassen
George Soros
Anita Sieff
Ronald. M. Bosrock
Slavoj Žižek
Umberto Galimberti
Francesco Antinucci
Timothy Druckrey
Marina Gržinić
Rudi Rizman
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John Peter Nilsson
Olu Oguibe
Mika Hannula
Jordan Crandall
Eda Čufer
Aleš Erjavec
Nataša Petrešin
Mark Amerika
  Viktor Misiano
  "The dynamic contradiction that has arisen out of the postmodern value of pluralism throughout the present age, is revealed on all plateaus of human existence. Juxtaposition of laws, that are proclaimed as global and that are acting merely as extensions of the power centres, and of local situations, have found themselves once again in an inferior position and are creating a mind- and landscape consisting of a trendy phenomenon called glocalisation. Reactions to this utopian subcurrent seem to represent the global "culture jamming" of previous periphery zones, which are physically still far away, but by means of virtual decentralisation are important at directing the current of the main process - globalisation. The consequential formation of strong local consciousness and infrastructure combined with the values of long-gone roots and role of an individual, are some of the means that oppose successfully the global unification. But global unification is also happening in a virtual space. The anthropological theories about the growing frequency of individual interconnections are realised in the mechanism of the internet as well. The world has never been so condensed, and its measuring point is the time of the flow of a single unit of information. The question is, what happens after the complete current of global economy and capital is captured into the mere monopoly of information."

Nataša Petrešin