Saskia Sassen
George Soros
Anita Sieff
Ronald. M. Bosrock
Slavoj Žižek
Umberto Galimberti
Francesco Antinucci
Timothy Druckrey
Marina Gržinić
Rudi Rizman
Carlos Basualdo
John Peter Nilsson
Olu Oguibe
Mika Hannula
Jordan Crandall
Eda Čufer
Aleš Erjavec
Nataša Petrešin
Mark Amerika
  Viktor Misiano

"I think that we are at a time of realizing that globalizing forces always to be thought in a dynamic with localizing forces. There is really never one or the other, but a kind of oscillation between the two. There are all kinds of contexts for figuring this dynamic, from the cultural to the economic to the militaristic. Artistic and cultural practices can offer a kind of illicit traffic across the borders, conducting exploratory ventures into the realm of the symbolic."

Jordan Crandall,