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"Globalisation Is...
by Mark Amerika

Globalisation is code for "the nomadic flow of multi-national corporate capitalism.

"Globalisation is stealing me from myself and then, after heavy manipulation, selling me back to myself.

Globalisation is turning this "manipulated me" into corporate rhizo-flow.

Globalisation is a religious experience shared by an internetworked community of "manipulated me(s)" who still, after all is said and done,pray to the Gods of Money-Junk (and enjoy turning this "religious service" into a kind of [net] art form).

Globalisation is the answer to our prayers, a way to see the world, an unexpected opening, a shape-shifting boygirl slut-thing that allows us to leave our virtual subjectivity in every port while leaving behind a trail of chunky, dripping e-motions.

Globalisation is making mouths water, appetites whet, underwear musky, purity juicy.

Globalisation is faux-reality posing as The Next Real Thing, excreting minds lost in (cyber) space.

Globalisation is eating this mind excretion up with a silver spoon and passing it on to the next generation (the cycle of "intellectualpoverty").

Globalisation is a deregulated playing field where everyone, especially artists, use highly subversive marketing skills to attract attention to the fact that they are producing income from their narratological presence (their metafictional life stories).

Globalisation is a way to use the attention generated from narratological presence (mythological hyperbole) to ease into a comfortable middle-age.

Globalisation is a drug that successfully transforms media attention into its own virus or cultural meme, an enabler of faux-identities that can be tied to a particular brand-name which can then only increase its network-value.

Globalisation is altering the concept of art to include work by unknowns like Amerika, Bey, Blissett, Cosic, I.O.D., jodi, Mongrel, RTMARK and ZigZelder.

Globalisation is an exotic bird that no one can resist and everyone wants to make love to."