Saskia Sassen
George Soros
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Eda Čufer
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  Viktor Misiano

Eda Cufer:

"Globalisation is a concept which in a word describes an elevated number of phenomena and has thus become one of those vacuous concepts which can describe everything and nothing. It is a kind of "empty sign", which nevertheless gets our imaginations working. We live globalisation as a "condition". We all know that we are in the middle of a far-reaching and fatal process of transformation which is changing our position and the values with which we had tried to understand and explain the world. This "condition" is manifested as something which consists of all the old polarities, forcing us into extreme facts and interpretations. We have to decide whether to give ourselves up entirely to the new and unknown or violently defend our old values and concepts. In spite of the many theories and forecasts, famous philosophers and thinkers, artists and the "common" people have talked about "this condition" in very simple and naive terms. Every declaration about globalisation needs a good dose of courage and creativity, because the knowledge of this phenomenon has not yet been canonised. We are dealing with a very stimulating moment in art. When it comes to globalisation, we are all artists."