Ministry of culture RS
Veneto Regional Council

Each Venice Biennale offers new themes. In most cases, it is about answering or looking for an answer to the often universal questions posed by the organisers of this event. I am sure that once again, Slovenia will know how to propose its creative conquests in a dignified manner. This year the exhibition is held at the Galleria A+A and is constrained by the temporal limits imposed by the Biennale, but has grown and expanded to other eminent Venetian sites - and this acts to overcome the tensions characteristic of the June days preceding the Biennale's opening and also as a warning to the unfortunate fact that a solution for the creation of Pavilions for new countries at the Giardini has yet to be found. I wish the artists taking part a successful Biennale and the visitors to the Slovenian Pavilion an enjoyable visit.

Andreja Rihter
Minister of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia