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Veneto Regional Council

In the last few years there have been various cultural events taking place in Venice as part of the "Interreg II Italia-Slovenia" community programme, which aims to provide incentives for exchanges between institutions and individual artists from the two countries. However, for the first time one of these projects is part of the prestigious Venice Biennale, confirming the Regional Council's initial choices and the value of the work carried out and efforts made.

The exhibition project presented on this occasion is centred on the use of new technologies in art. In fact there are many artists who make use of what technology places at our disposition, opening up new perspectives of expression and divulgation. We live in an information age and this has resulted in it becoming a fundamental component of our lives, so much so that we continue to talk of a global world which annuls the centres and gradually involves the peripheries, which with their own potential contribute in creating a cultural scene which is stimulating in many ways and also leaves open many questions. It is not by chance that the artists involved in the Absolute One project have tried to present these events from various angles, widely analysed in the catalogue texts by academics from various disciplines and expressed visually by the artists' actual work, which ranges from installations to net art and works created by computer. Yet perhaps the most interesting aspect highlighted here is that the artists have wanted to launch a positive message about what can be constructed and achieved with the appropriate contribution and use of technology.

Veneto Regional Council
Councillor for tourism and mountain policy
Floriano Pra