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? 2001.02.04. - Brian Carroll, the condition of net.time

Subject: the condition of net.time
From: brian carroll
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 21:33:13 +0000

[open-source, please debug as necessary]

trapped in language + trying to communicate
- shared meaning - immediate consequence =
things seem possible, change seems possible,
things are almost okay

institutions + ideas = ideologies

art = architecture = design = thought =
ideological positioning, 'intelligentsia' + net.criticism =/= net.thought

net.thought =/= intelligentsia

intelligentsia = bureaucracy of thought

net.intelligentsia = things figured out,
things almost okay, just another theory
around the corner, from the new-comer
who is 'one of us'

power = institutional power

thought is not separated from power, nor
is net.thought from net.power
lots of + lots of net.criticism
+ lots of net.'knowledge' = repackaging
of the old institutional ideologies as
new net.avant-garde

the net.avant-garde = ploy for power +
ideological certainly + expert knowledge
= net.power

old.economy + old.avant-garde =
new.economy + new.avant-garde

caught in language, symbolic manipulation
= the trap, discourse as discourse exists
as commodity, presupposed meaning based on
opinions, as there is no common knowledge

disagreement = division = camps of thought,
nodes of thought, schools of net.thought

net.thought =/= intelligence

net.thought = deficit of original thinking,

language, logic, truth, identity, belief
5+billion individuals
no social + no political + no economic power

keywords, traits, mannerisms, expressionism (!) =
code manipulation, another algorithm
addition, multiplication, division, subtraction

the calculus of ideas =/= ideologies

ideologies can be controlled,
ideas cannot
people are watching, listening, Halliburton Oil,
Enron, .Gov, .Mil to nettime's public sphere
chance to be heard, hearing what?

repetition, details, small thinking based
on private spheres, non-shared, fragmented
identities + institutional power structure
controllable perception management,
controllable thought, no .net worth

mass death, mass inequality, mass poverty,
mass pollution, mass inefficiency, mass
of problems + incremental, bureaucratic
change - realistic possibility of change
in the short term, sans revolution
troubling scenario

civic belief, public service, common
goals, shared work, pursuits + competition
+ economic capital =/= social change

institutional agendas = part of the problem,
bureaucrats cannot fundamentally change
bureaucracies, only alter them

change from within systems + going to
change the larger systems = illusion

logic = either-or, us-them, black-white

logic =/= either-or + both-and + neither-nor,
white, black, and grayscale, color

logic = identity

identity = culture

culture = power + people

culture =/= public people power

public = humanity

private = humanity, gender, sex, race,
ethnicity, etc. etc.

either-or logic = competition + opposition,
protest versus security = clash, violence

logic = language + truth + identity

truth = language + reason + faith, belief

truth = certainty

truth = belief in what is true

seeing is perceiving =/= seeing is believing

perceiving truth =/= net.thought

anti-this, anti-that, ideological armies
group mentalities

group mentalities + ideologies

ideologies = answers, not questions, net.criticism, net.thought =
answers, expert knowledge =
power = ideologies = belief in truth
=/= public truth

public truth = larger reality, shared
by humans as a group

napster, Aol = net.critism

net.criticism =/=
global crises involving
nuclear war scenearios
in year 2000 in Middle East

answers = pro.this, pro.that,
anti-this, anti-that = either-or logic

question =
larger public sphere
+ language entrapment
+ imperfection
+ ugliness of the text
+ debate, not discourse alone
- ideological baggagev = action?v

down with net.intelligentsia +
(net.intelligentsia = net.theory =
net.criticism = = same as
it ever was) + intelligentsia =/=

intelligence =/= creativity,

intelligence =/= morality

intellectualism = net.thought,
net.theory, net.discourse

net.time = net.time + old.logic

now = chance, change, public,
future, actions, scale, world,
shared beliefs = good will -
violence - incitement -
+ strategy + working together
x people who believe in this truth

5+ billion = human public
home of human public = earth

public 'we' = humanity

public 'we' also = nettime

public 'we' =/= net.intelligentsia

net.intelligentsia = nettime network
as ideological institutional bureacracy
producing predictable products/commodities

personal opinion = this, public-private
concern, belief in possiblity - reality
of 'discursive practice' + discourse +
politic of the .net as ideological
machination x millions of public-private
spheres + language games + fallibility
of language, limits of reason
need for a calculus of shared communication
human identity, human language, human logic,
human truth, complex + contradictory, paradox

hierarchy = flattened, humans are equals
(men, women, children, ethnicities =/= basis
for universal equality)

belief in nettime as place for organizing
ideological constructs, running currents
of the stream, directing discourse, putting
2 cents in, adding up to lots of ideological
$ as controllable institutional power for

change =/= protest - change in logic, thought
, truth

change = action + logic, thought, truth +
protesting for this

public =/= text

public = psychology, way of seeing truth,
perception, and belief + logic + reason
+ intention

nettime's public intention = net.intelligentsia?

net.intelligentsia = private power of net.
individuals presupposing the public, private
man's history =/= the human story

net.time = to organize
for change + to deter catastrophe + to use
this moment to think ahead of the consequences
of the now, global scale = localized, insulated,
not enough = opportunity + moment - action,
enough to address the scale of issues at
the time needed to avert larger disasters

public is contracting, not
expanding = possibilities + space-time
running out + need - shared reality as
to the issues, as to the ideas

need to organize, need to move beyond
net.time = criticism =

net.time needs net.thought = not about
the internet, about net worth, something
more than is put in, something to take
home, to earth, not to the private flat

net.time = networked.thought/thinking
net.time, no longer =/= net.criticism,
as net.critism is dead, everyone's a

private + everyone = no (public) body

-human being

Subject: the condition of net.time
From: brian carroll
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 21:44:02 +0000


truth = language + reason + faith, belief

error: [truth = certainty]

truth =/= certainty
truth = certainty and-or uncertainty

truth = belief in what is true

v seeing is perceiving =/= seeing is believing