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1999.04.26. - Pit Schultz, dog bites pavlov

Subject: dog bites pavlov
From: Pit Schultz
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 19:01:30 +0200

since today i've configured my mail filter to respond for the first time in my life this seems to be needed.

dear war enthusiast,

thank you for your interesting mail. unfortunatly it is not read by a human beeing and stored for later recognition. your message seems to contain information which cannot be shown to the receiver without triggering harmful symptoms of annoyance, fatigue, boredom, depression, anger, euphoria, hunger, doubts, compulsive thinking and following hyperactivism. if you are able to report or analyse the situation in a less redundant way, chances will be that you will get another answer.

simply, avoiding to use the following key words will make your message be more interesting under the current circumstances.

thank you for your understanding.