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1999.12.30. - James Stevens, Letter from Backspace

Subject: Letter from Backspace [London]
From: James Stevens
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 16:21:51 +0000

[orig To: ]

Final words from backspace:

As of 8pm 22.12.99 backspace is closed for good; ending 45 months, 6 days a week of continuous activity, the only non commercial public access to technology resources and the internet in the UK.

Backspace has remained a self supporting centre for loose learning and communication and a successful expression of independence in the face of relentless commercialisation and co-option of all but the most resilient, holding the line, across the grain.

Firstly I would like to say special thanks everyone who has subscribed over the years be they within earshot now or consumed by new work and passions wherever. More than 2000 individuals subscribed to the space at some time or other, many thousands more have visited the web site and the 'spc from round the world, made their mark or been in contact.

Then thanks to everyone who has ever made something and left it with us whether it be on-line or in the room itself. All the web work will be held as it has been to date and those of you with active sites will be able to continue updates etc. as usual.

Several people require special thanks and appreciation, Gio & Lotta who have really stuck with it all the way, Mark, Andrew and Miles who have also given extra time and commitment. So many more who have upheld a passion and energy for its perpetuation. Thanks to Harl who continues to look after the web and mail servers for all the domains. Top notch

This is not the end of the processes begun at backspace, far from it, much of the current work will be continued and developed further. moves to The Foundry early in the new year. The web/streaming production equipment moves to Southspace in Camberwell and to DIYplc on Commercial Street [STRIKE]...... from where future transmission, performance, access and now additionally sales of print, audio video media will be promoted.

Please keep in touch if you wish to hear more about plans for 2000.

There will be one hell of a big party type thang in throughout Winchester Wharf Clink Street SE1 on New years Eve to mark our final passing .. I also hear there will be some fireworks on the riverside perhaps we can offer some of you a view...

so far there will be 5 sound systems in and around the wharf, cafe's and there will be a childrens room so consider yourself invited.... If you can't make it but fancy a peek you could tune into which should be running throughout.....

Oh and please bring your own intoxicants

that's all from backspace then...

see you in the new year


James Stevens

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