Tadej Pogačar
Vuk Ćosić

Artists, colleagues, activists, fighters!

Today’s globalised world is bereft of all protagonists with the exception of those who regulate it.
Political understanding has been made impossible and replaced with a neo-Darwinist and mercantilist determinism: market and technology have become natural forces.

Contemporary western society and its culture focus on the blurring of cultural discrepancies, differences and competition by blending them into the imaginary sphere of global culture. The replacement and impoverishment of reality overlaps with the illusory representation of what has not yet been experienced.

The present is controlled by a complete lack of solidarity or responsibility for the current state of social exclusion.

We are on the threshold of great crises and growing conflicts in terms of ecology, the struggle of the developed part of the world against the under-developed, a loss of a sense of reality, etc.
The dominant framework of liberal capitalism is incapable of solving these antagonisms.

Culture strives on oppositions. Our interest is focused on the cultural and economic models of socially isolated and excluded groups and communities.

Small self-organised enclaves which society has isolated and pushed to the margin of survival are living laboratories of new forms of social evolution.

Prostitution and sex work can no longer be viewed as a local or national phenomenon; it is international, involving multicultural groups, and it is global.

The presence of migrant sex workers in the European sex industry has radically changed every aspect of the market.
Current EU policies on prostitution, migration, and AIDS prevention do not reflect this.

When we are talking about sex workers, we are talking about parallel or informal economies. People excluded from the formal economy in EU countries seek economic survival in the informal work sector.

The practise of prostitution should be considered, classified, and legally recognised as informal work.

Sex work should be protected and regarded as an independent and autonomous activity.

Artists and curators! Step out of your comfortable pavilions and join prostitutes and sex workers in the city streets in their struggle for their rights.

The time has come to take joint action!

Tadej Pogačar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art