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Heath Bunting emerged from the 80's committedto building open/ democratic communication systemsand social contexts. He came from the street up, passing through and often revisiting graphity,performance, intervention, pirate radio, fax/ mailart and BBS systems to become an active participantin the explosion of the internet.

He has produced many internet projects, some highlyrecognised and has helped form a strong context for the practice of net.art. Recently, he has movedinto the field of genetics proclaiming it to bethe next "new media", and is also making steps towardsproducing work within financial networks, believingmoney to be the ultimate media for artistic practice.


I asked Heath for a definition of 'Professional Revolutionary' which seemed to me a ludicrous term for an artist to apply to himself. (I have since learned the value of subscribing to an overblown ludicrousnes - it helps to construct disbelief whilst deconstrcuting belief at the same time. Useful if you want to fly in the face of reason and logic) "I deliver a service in overthrowing existing structures. It's a creative occupation with clients and financial renumeration."

I wondered why he didn't become a Management Consultant. A lot of his clients tend to come from the art and academic world so it tends to be these structures that are affected by his particular brand of revolutionary methodologies. But as the term 'revolutionary' is applied to the latest brand of car just how meaningful can it be anymore? "We live in degraded environments" says Heath, "and that includes language aswell as morality, biosystems, architecture etc. Meaning is up for grabs for all kinds of developers - artists, marketers, politicians, business, property developers". The contestion of meaning and property - thats the first pre-occupation for the 'Professional Revolutionary'.

Rachel Baker, irational


In a sense, much of Bunting's work could be described as'invisible art', from the anonymous traces of chalk onconcrete to the spontaneous ringing of a bank of publictelephones. As spaces for the production and distribution ofart, both the street and the web exist in tension-filledrelationships with both traditional media and theinstitutions of elite art themselves, characteristics whichthe artist clearly finds attractive. But that situation maybe changing.


Alongside the institutional recognition of net.art,Bunting's own profile in the art world has risen, making theartist more attractive as a good investment. In otherinterviews, he has spoken of his opposition to beingprofessionalized, suggesting that he may "retire" in orderto remain outside the commodity art world. So I ask him whathe means by "retirement". He laughs. "It's like being aboxer. Boxers go into retirement just to get trained again.Then they come out of retirement and charge twice as much money!"

Mark Nixon, World Art Magazine
Natural Reality Super Weed kit 1.0

Natural Reality SuperWeed kit 1.0

SuperWeed Kit 1.0 is a lowtech DIY kit capable of producing a genetically mutant superweed, designed to attack corporate monoculture.

SuperWeed kit 1.0 contains a mixture of naturally occuring and genetically mutated (GM) Brassica seeds (Oilseed Rape, Wild Radish, Yellow Mustard, Shepard's Purse). If these seeds are allowed to germinate and cross pollinate, a SuperWeed will be created that will be resistant to current herbicides (e.g. RoundupŞ), thus not only threatening the profitability of conventional and GM Brassica crops, but also of herbicide production and distribution as well.
If you feel that the authorities are not going to respect the wishes of the majority of the population for a ban on GM crops (currently 77% in favour of a total ban), you could choose to cultivate and release SuperWeed 1.0 into the environment (see planting instructions below). Alternatively you could choose to create your own propaganda campaign threatening biotech corporate interests with this genetic weapon. Whatever you do, the threat is often as effective as the execution. Without a national ban on GM crops SuperWeeds will occur without your intervention anyway. Biotech companies such as Monsanto know this, but intend to be one step ahead by developing new gene products to preserve their profits. By releasing SuperWeed 1.0 into the environment long before biotech companies have a suitable fix, you will contribute to large losses in their profitability, thus causing them to reassess their future strategies and investments. We can outpace and outmanouver these biotech giants as we are not bound by profits or legislation.
We suggest that you hold this kit until you receive clear signs that there will be a national ban on GM crops within the next few months, in which case destroy these seeds by burning. If you believe that there will be no GM crop ban you could choose to cultivate SuperWeed 1.0 and release it into the environment immediately. If there is no GM crop ban within the next few months, Natural Reality will not hesitate to escalate this conflict further by manufacturing and distributing SuperWeed Kit 2.0 containing many more offensive capabilities. Planting Instructions.
SuperWeed 1.0 will grow in regular garden soil. Sew 50 seeds in 1m square and rake into the soil either in Spring when the threat of frost is past or late summer/ fall. Y
ou could also grow SuperWeed 1.0 indoors on your kitchen windowsill. For further details contact:
email: superweed@irational.org